Canada Calling

I'm in CANADA! What?! I'm taking this comedy train international. Through the rockies and onto the great plains of Alberta, here I am in Edmonton in the West Edmonton Mall. I'll be at the Comic Strip all weekend killing it and selling shirts that you need to buy. If you don't, you're stupid.

After this date, thus ends my summer tour. It's been pretty fun. I traveled a lot, staying in interesting places, biked, ate, saw what the midwest had to offer. I'm from the midwest so it wasn't too crazy. I did get to go to my high school reunion. I played the age old game of "who got fat, who got pregnant, who got a sex change". I'm from the midwest so we were all kind of fat to begin with, so that was out. Pregnancies were abundant, and I think I counted 2 transitions.  Maybe 3? They may not have crossed over the finish line yet. It was all and all a great trip home and a great time making people laugh.

There were times where it got unbearably lonely. Those times were often filled with swiping of all kinds. And I mean all kinds. I met some pretty cool dudes, some shitty ones, and have decided I'm now taking my dog on the road to save me from myself.

I'm still broke, still got the fire, and still killin' it. I'm still the luckiest girl in the world.